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There are many ways to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, including:

  1. Volunteering as a Big Brother or Big Sister.

  2. Posting flyers at your place of business.

  3. Sending an e-mail to your family, friends, co-workers or community organizations and encouraging them to volunteer.

  4. Giving a presentation about BBBS to professional or community groups in which you’re a member.

  5. Inviting a BBBS representative to give a presentation at your place of business or to professional or community groups to which you belong (our ice cream socials, where we provide ice cream sundaes are a popular choice).

  6. Posting an article in your company’s employee newsletter or intranet (BBBS can provide the article).

  7. Exploring the possibility of serving on the Big Brothers Big Sisters Board of Directors.

  8. Donating.

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