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Becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister is designed to build a match based on shared interests, personality, and your volunteer preferences.

Quick Steps to Become a Big

  1. Research - Visit our Volunteer page to learn more about being a Big Brother or Big Sister.

  2. Apply - Ready to take the next step right now? Complete the convenient online application. This will help speed up the process. Alternatively, you may contact our office at 432-687-0195 to coordinate completing the application offline.

  3. Interview - A match coordinator will interview you in person.

  4. Background Check - Child safety is our priority, so we'll review your records to ensure you'll be a good fit for our program.

  5. References - You'll need to provide three references of people we can talk to about your ability to be a mentor.

  6. Matching -  We will review the kids in your area who need a Big Brother or Big Sister and find the best fit for you.  Depending on your gender and the kind of child you'd like to work with, matching may go very quickly or take some time.  Making the right match is important to our commitment to form lasting relationships.



Once matched, Big Brothers and Big Sisters develop friendships with their Little Brothers and Little Sisters.  Whether playing a computer game or simply hanging out - you bring magic into the life of a child.  It's that simple.

School-based matches meet in schools for just one hour each week during the day.  They do projects together, read in the library, eat lunch, shoot hoops and more.

Community-based matches are flexible and will fit your busy schedule.  Bigs and Littles hang out in the community and go to museums, sports events, movies, and more.  It's up to you and your Little!

We'll Support Your Friendship

When you're part of something Big, you're not alone. Each match is supported by professional Big Brothers Big Sisters staff.  Mentoring Specialists regularly check in with volunteers, children, and parents, and are always available to answer questions.

Regular events are held in the Permian Basin, giving you an opportunity to meet other Bigs and Littles in your area.  Plus, through the generosity of our partners and individuals, there are often free tickets to ball games, the theater, and more!

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